I need a further valuation

I set up research to assess customers feelings around a property valuation and to understand the delay between property valuation and receiving an offer.

My first task was to create the customer journey for further valuations. I began research to understand customers feelings around a property valuation during a remortgage application. I defined the objectives of the research and created a hypothesis which was the basis of a prototype created in InVision. I also wrote the recruitment brief and discussion guide for the researcher to follow.

The research consisted of one-to-one interviews with five participants in a lab setting, asking for feedback and reactions related to the digital prototype tested on a mobile device.

To further ensure all scenarios were accounted for, and to aid communication within the team, I created a customer journey map.

The observations revealed insights into the reasons for hesitance and I was able to make recommendations to ensure customers were informed of the process and increase the likelihood of getting to offer. At the same time fulfilling the business requirements of reducing dropouts.

I presented the findings back to the team in the weekly show and tell. I included videos of the key observations which helped with understanding and made the presentation more interesting.

The recommendations were implemented into the customer journey and I had the opportunity to test the journey again with users under similar conditions. This proved the hypothesis and gave the team confidence to deliver the journey.