Project summary

Care Quality Commission

Check your care provider assessment for factual accuracy

I created an interactive Figma prototype using the CQC provider-facing design system and despite time and platform constraints, the designs were delivered on schedule, meeting high standards and receiving positive feedback. My role extended to contributing to the internal workflow interface.


The Care Quality commission is the independent regulator of health and social care in England. Prior to working on the project the assessment process had moved to a single assessment framework. Such a change required an update to the their services

The challenge

In a very short period of time, create a user journey for care providers to check the factual accuracy of an assessment on their care services. The unexpected exit of the previous interaction designer meant I had to rapidly get up to speed with the project in order to deliver designs within weeks.

What I did

I worked with the Service Designer to understand as much as possible about the ask, conducting interviews with the stakeholders and subject matter experts.

Using this knowledge and utilising the CQC provider facing design system I was able to quickly create an interactive user journey prototype in Figma.

CQC factual accuracy user journey

I worked closely with content designer to the ensure the messaging was concise and easy to understand and also with a user researcher creating a research plan to test the journey, ensuring we could also able to conduct generative research while testing the user interface.

CQC provider screens


The main constraint on the project's success was time. This meant there was only one (possibly two) chances to test the prototype. The aim was to minimise assumptions.

The build platform. Since we were unfamiliar with what the developers were able to build, we were constrained by the limited amount of components to utilise and lack of clarity as to what could or could not be delivered.

The user journey

The following video shows a happy path of the user journey.


The designs sent to build for delivery in time to a high standard and were well received by the business.

I continued the contract by assisting with the delivery of the internal workflow interface.